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What is Swopr?

Swop uses a match-making engine that helps you find the right person and the right object to trade. When it’s a match, you can get in touch and meet to trade!

How can I get Swopr?

You have an iPhone or an Android? That’s a good start. So let’s go to your AppStore or Play Store and download the app!

How to create an account?

There, you have installed Swopr on your smartphone. This is so exciting! To create an account, open the app, click on “Sign in” and fill in the form. For a better use of Swopr, activate the GPS. You will find objects nearby. You can also sign in faster with your favorite social networks.

I signed in. What now?

For security reasons, you will be asked to confirm your email address. Click on the email you have received. Good. Log in with your username and password, and welcome to the Swopers community. This is how we call the users.

Now, you can start posting new objects you want to trade ! Open your wardrobe and get down to the garage, you must have so much to trade…

How to use the app?

It’s very simple. Like many of your apps, you can navigate through the sidebar menu by clicking on the upper left icon.

MY SWOPS : this is your dashboard, displaying all the objects you want to swop.

NEW SWOP : post an object to swop.

SETTINGS : show or hide your email address and/or your phone number, activate alerts, change the color of the app.

INVITE FRIENDS : invite your friends by email or by SMS to download the app!

LOG OUT : pretty clear… you are going to be logged out, you must log in with your username and password.

PROFILE : change your personal info, upload a profile picture…

Easy, right ?

How can I post something to trade?

Piece of cake. Click on NEW SWOP in the menu. Fill in the form by entering a title, a short description, a price range and a geographic area for your object. Click on SWOP IT! to find objects in exchange!

How can I delete or edit my object?

Go to your dashboard (MY SWOPS), click on your object and go to “edit”. Change the information and then click on “save”. If you already traded your object or you simply want to delete it, click on “delete”.

Where can I see available objects?

You must first post an object to see what’s available around you. Then Swopr shows you all the objects in the same price range you defined and in the geographical area you selected.

I posted an object. What now?

Click on SWOP IT ! and Swopr looks for objects one by one. Select “I want it” if you like it or “No, thanks” if not. You can also swipe right or left. You won’t see again what you swiped left. When it’s a match, get in touch with the owner!

What can I trade on Swopr?

Your wardrobe or your garage is full? You don’t like this small lamp anymore? On Swopr you can trade anything! Except of course your girlfriend, you neighbor’s apartment or your diving skills… Seriously, only material goods can be traded on Swopr. Anyway, if you don’t do it right, your swop will be deleted. Read our Terms and Conditions (in french only for now) for more information.

How many objects can I trade on Swopr?

As many as you want! You’ll stop when your closet is empty…

How do I know there is a match?

Go to your dashboard (MY SWOPS). A match is notified next to your object. For example, a green disk with number 3 means you have 3 matches for this object. Click on the disk to get the details of the objects you can swop.

There's nothing to trade... why?

Swopr displays only what’s inside the price range you defined and the geographical area you selected. You can increase your chances by enlarging the price range or geographical area!

I have a match. How can I get in touch with the owner?

Go to the list of your match by clicking on the green disk next to your object. Select the objet to view its details. Select “Contact the Swoper” to get in touch with him/her by phone, SMS or email. Voilà!

Can the other users see my profile?

No, the other users only see your profile when they have a match with you. Before contacting you, they will see your nickname, picture and town.

How can I change my profile details?

Navigate in the sidebar menu, and click on your profile picture. You can manage your details by clicking on “edit” (nickname, town, password…)

How can I add a profile picture?

Go to your profile and click on the thumbnail to upload a picture or take a new one. New look? New picture!

I don't want my name to appear on Swopr. How can I do?

When registering, you can enter your real name or choose a nickname only. You can always change it later in the profile section.

I don't want my phone number to appear. How can I do?

Swop helps you get in touch by email or by phone/SMS. You can choose one or both contact mode if you want to keep your phone number private. Simply go to SETTINGS to choose.

How can I change my password?

In your profile, you can change your password. If you registered with a social network, your password cannot be changed within Swopr.

I want to delete my account.

In your profile, click on “Delete my account”. This will delete permanently your account. Au revoir Swopr ! (but it’s not a good idea)

I registered but I haven't received any confirmation email.

Maybe you entered a wrong email. Check your spams. Try again. Or don’t hesitate to contact us at!

I can't log on to my account. Help!

Check your username, login and password. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot?” to create a new one. If you still have problems, we are always available : don’t hesitate to contact us at

One or several matched objects have disappeared. Why is that?

Two reasons: either its owner has removed your objects from his/her match list, or he/she removed his/her object from his/her swops list. 

Is Swopr available for Windows Phones or Blackberry?

For now Swopr is only available for iPhone and Android… for other OS, don’t be jealous we’re on it 🙂

Need more help? Contact us or write to